Travel Tips - Weekend Getaway in Southern Florida

Author: Becky Sizelove

If you're from New England, the best way to take a break from winter is a trip to sunny Florida! You can thaw out those icy toes, bask in some sunshine and remind yourself that warmer weather is just a few months away. Do I have you dreaming of palm trees? Check out these quick tips to plan your {long} weekend getaway to southern Florida.

Score cheap flights


Pick your battles when it comes to choosing travel dates - if you can be flexible with your dates and go when there isn't a school break, you will save a lot on flights. Extending your long weekend stay and leaving mid-week (Wednesday) also boosts your chances of finding that sweet spot in cheap-airline-ticket heaven.

Plan fun activities

Since weekend getaways are tight on time, it's best to plan your activities in advance to ensure you're getting the most bang for your buck. Although, it is important to keep in mind that plans might need to be adjusted (as they always do with travel). Go with the flow, have fun and use your well-thought-out plans as a road map. 

To jumpstart your planning, here are a few activities I've enjoyed in southern Florida:

Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse

My parents live in southern Florida, which opens the door for me to visit gorgeous tropical spots every year. One spot that caught my attention at my most recent visit was the charming Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse in Jupiter, FL. I visited the beach/restaurant area adjacent to the lighthouse and plan to return to view the museum next time I visit. Tickets are $12 for adults and $6 for children. This is the perfect spot to take in the beauty of Florida and get a history lesson all at the same time! The lunch spots across the way are to die for, too!

State Parks

Florida's state parks are stunning and they have so many fun activities to partake in. One being kayaking! Whenever I've thought of kayaking, I pictured the rustic terrains of Maine and Vermont - it never occurred to me that kayaking in Florida was an option. Well, no more! My parents brought me to the Jonathan Dickinson State Park and I kayaked through mossy inlets and even passed a gator sun bathing! It was magical. There are also guided boat tours and bike paths available at Jonathan Dickinson State Park - a great spot to check out for sure.


This one might seem obvious, but the beaches in southern Florida are easy to access and a simple joy to visit. My favorite is Bathtub Beach in Hutchinson Island. 

Treat Yo' Self


My final piece of advice is to treat yo' self. Since you're only going to be away for a short time, you might as well go to that restaurant you've always wanted to go to. Get the fancy smoothie! Do all the things. You've scored cheap flights, planned activities in advance, now it's time to bask in the glory of pampering yourself.