Summer Dreaming

Author: Ruthie Pollard 


As a New Englander I tend block out this time of year, we are after all best known for the fall. This winter has been particularly brutal with record breaking arctic temperatures, and the “bomb cyclone” snowstorm. The weather can't seem to figure out if it should be 70 or 17 degrees any given day. It makes summer feel like a distant memory. 

For many people, long durations of freezing weather and darker days can be accompanied by seasonal depression or Season Affective Disorder (SAD). It can affect some people significantly by bringing on sadness, or just feeling sluggish and unmotivated.

We all handle this time of year differently and I wanted to list some great ways to beat the cold and keep your spirits up this winter!

Essential Oils:

I don’t sell them, but I am tempted to start with all their success stories! Trusted friends swear by their health benefits and uplifting aroma. Putting a couple drops of your desired mood into a diffuser can change your day. Kristen Lavalley knows more about Young Living Oils then anyone I know and her social media accounts gives great informative tips. Here are some oil recommendations depending on what you need:

Frankincense- A grounding scent that helps to balance your mood. 

Stress Away- A blend of lime and vanilla that smells like summer! 

Lemon - Uplifting and refreshing, it wakes up the mind making you feel alert. 

Joy - Calms emotions and promotes peace.  

Lavender - Basically does everything. Calms, heals, helps you sleep.  


Keeping in shape will help keep you motivated. I recently started the couch to 5K app and I’m proud of myself for learning to run (which has never been my thing). Running a little more every week has helped me sleep better and feel better.  

Give Yourself Things to Look Forward Too:

Maybe it's time to splurge on a new pair of shoes...or if you’re like me, look forward to an upcoming destination. I am currently planning a trip to Paris in April. I just love knowing that on the other side of winter a flower filled Paris awaits!

Share your feelings with a friend:

On these cold nights I would rather be a hermit. Let’s be honest, staying inside all day is much more comfortable then venturing out into the frozen tundra. When we are alone for too long it can turn into loneness. Talking with close friends and making time to do fun activities can get you out of the winter rut. There is a good chance that they are feeling the same way. 

Invest in Cold Gear:

Just because it’s -14 outside do we need to let the cold win? I say no! Buy all the things. When you commit to buying quality winter gear it’s an expensive task with long term reward. Here’s a starter investment guide to keeping warm:

Light Candles at Night:

If your not into the idea of lathering yourself in essential oils. Candles at night are a good way to bring light into the room especially if it’s a nice smelling candle. I love the clean scents from Anthropologie and new soy candles from Madewell. 

Get Vitamin D When You Can:

With all the lack of sunlight our bodies are craving Vitamin D. Stocking up on supplements and eating foods containing Vitamin D can help your body feel better. Also, get sunlight while you can!  As a teacher I have to stand outside at least 45 mins a day in rain and snow. This is a blessing in disguise as I do get a small amount of sunlight daily. If you can't get outside I have heard that it is beneficial to do light therapy using light lamps

Uplifting Diversions:

When you are starting to feel down find good things to focus on. Watching a funny movie, getting your nails done, and enjoying a favorite meal with a friend can help brighten a dull day. Most importantly, I find it comforting to listen to worship music, read scripture, and journal my thoughts and prayers. Listening to encouraging podcasts and reading a good book with a warm drink are small moments I look forward to. 

Please let me know if you have any advice for beating the winter blues!