10 Holy Grail Hair Products

Authors: Becky and Ruthie

Here at Thrive Where Planted, we love swapping hair and makeup tips. We've tried almost every beauty trend out there. Some have been a success,  others ... we have burned all photo evidence of. Through trial and error, we've found some serious holy grail, can't-live-without products. Keep reading for our favorite go-to hair products that can make hair envy as easy as 1-2-3. 

1. It’s a Ten - $25.99 Target

My number one go to hair product has to be my It’s a Ten leave in conditioner. My hair is very fine and can easily get tangles. My college roommate introduced me to this miracle product. It smells amazing and doesn’t leave your hair feeling greasy. It’s expensive to replace if you use it regularly but every couple months, I noticed that Target has a two for $20 deal. I highly recommend it! - Ruthie Pollard

2. Wet Brush - $8.99 Target

Finding the right leave-in conditioner for tangly hair is half the battle. You also need the right brush. One time when I was getting my hair done - my hair dresser literally handed me her brush to do it myself because it was too much for her. Brushing my hair was always a chore (it still is) but at least now I have the right tools. The Wet Brush is easy on wet and dry hair. I’ve had mine for years and it has yet to break a bristle. - Ruthie Pollard

P.S. - I used to not brush my hair because of how much I hated the task. Luckily that resulted in the beachy look because I have semi-wavy hair, but I also got some serious tangles. When Ruthie introduced me to the wet brush, my life was transformed. I think my office co-workers respect my hair a bit more now, too! - Becky Sizelove

3. Dove Dry Shampoo - $3.49 Target

Perfectly textured hair can turn your hair from blah to yahhh and dry shampoo is one of those products that provides the perfect texture for styling and every day care. I use it instead of hairspray and find it holds my curls in! It adds volume and makes it look like you just did your hair (even though you haven't washed it in days and you had bed head five minutes before). Also - I have dry, frizzy hair so I wash it every few days. My hair loves that process but my bangs get undesirably piecey. My roommates teased me for having my head in the sink trying to wash just my bangs - until I found dry shampoo! I've tried more than ten brands of dry shampoo and Dove's version is my favorite because the can never gets blocked and the smell is so fresh. A little tip for blondes - use dry shampoo on your roots in between highlights - it lightens your roots and helps your blonde look fresh! - Becky Sizelove

4. Clean Freak - $5 Target

They say you’re not suppose to wash your hair daily. Which is fine because…I ain’t got time for that. So on the between days I use dry shampoo. I’ve tried many different kinds but they end up smelling too strong, appearing too powdery, or just too expensive. Clean Freak is my tride and true because it’s only 5 dollars, has a scentless option, and people ask me if I recently got my hair done after using it. All the blondes said, amen!  - Ruthie Pollard

5. Biosilk Silk Therapy - $39.99 Target

After all the bleaching, washing, brushing, styling ... the ends of my hair need a little extra love. One product that delivers the best shine with the most luxurious smell (people ask what perfume I'm wearing) is the Biosilk Silk Therapy oil. I bought the 12 oz. bottle on sale at Marshals and it has lasted me two years. Holla! A little bit goes a long way. I often use this before I brush my hair when it's still damp. - Becky Sizelove

6. Aveda Blue Malva Shampoo - $40 Aveda

Being a blonde is high maintenance. If you desire to maintain a cool shade its important to use blue or purple shampoo to keep the color tone. It sounds weird but putting purple shampoo in your hair counter acts the yellow or brassy tones that creep in after an appointment. I invested in the Aveda Blue Malva because it enriches your hair with proteins and does not have a drying effect like similar products. - Ruthie Pollard

7. Cool Bonds Lathering Toner - $8.99 Sally's

For those who want to maintain a "white" blonde, this is the product to use. It's a gentle lathering toner and it helps me extend my highlight appointments. Whenever people ask me how I achieve the tone of my hair, I tell them about this lathering toner (and my hairdresser!). I use it once a week when I first get my hair done and then when I get to month four, I start using it every time I shampoo. It doesn't dry my hair and it has a berry smell. - Becky Sizelove

8. Enzo Milano - $98 HouseofBeautyWorld.com

One thing people always ask me is how I style my hair. I’ve rocked the same style hair since 2009 and I don’t plan to change it any time soon, think vintage Taylor Swift. I’ve always loved curling my hair and when I came across this clip-less curling iron there was no going back. The Enzo Milano is a professional quality curling iron that bonds your hair together into perfect curls. The process involves sectioning my hair into three layers, hold the curling iron upside down above my head, wrapping the hair around the barrel, and then watching the perfectly shaped tresses cascade down. Yeah, I just made that sound amazing. Just a tip, I recommend using the included glove to protect your hands when using a clip-less curling iron. - Ruthie Pollard

9. GVP Clipless Curling Wand - $49.99 Sally's

Unless it involved beachy salt spray, I was always terrible at curling my hair. The GVP clips curling wand from Sally's changed that for me. I also followed Cara Loren's tutorial for mermaid curls because, who doesn't want to be a magical beautiful mermaid? - Becky Sizelove

10. DIY Beachy Salt Spray

In the summer, I have no patience for heat products. I skip the blow dryer and curling iron and stick to braids and beachy salt spray. I found a few DIY posts and adapted my own recipe over the years but I love Free People's tutorial for their DIY mermaid spray. - Becky Sizelove

So now that we've shared our hair wisdom - we want to know yours! Let us know what's worked for you. 

xo Becky and Ruthie